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For over 300 years, the Yen family lived in Kiang Wei a suburb of (a Shanghai, China. I am a little unsure of how to specify the exact location, but I do have a Chinese map of the area, and eventually, I will post it here. I visited the site of the Yen family homestead in 1984, but nothing of the main complex remained, except a historical marker standing in a field of rubble, indicating that the Yen family used to live there. The family archives and the ancestor worship room was entirely destroyed in 1932 during the Sino-Japanese war.

My father (En Chu Yen) told me the main complex had 4 interior courtyards, each measuring 60' by 60'. It was completely rebuilt by 1934, but destroyed again in 1936 at which time, my father came to the US, at the urging of his brother, Uncle UY (Ung Yen). I understand that there is an ongoing project in Shanghai to reconstruct the genealogy of our famous family. Unfortunately, because I do not speak Chinese, I am unable to connect with the people involved. If you are involved, please contact me, and I will lend any assistance I can.

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